Career Change, Insightful Growth

As I move closer and closer to finishing my MBA at the University of Nevada Reno, I have wondered more and more how I will transition into a new role. I am quite eager to pursue this new role and pursue my passion. As mentioned before, I currently work as a registered nurse. The foundational skill sets, problem solving skills, and time management/ prioritizing skills that I have obtained in my experiences as a RN have prepared me to confidently approach any work situation with confidence and caution.

The obstacle that I believe I will face however, is to convince management in another industry that my skill set from nursing in addition to the education I have obtained from my MBA will be an asset for them. Since these skills are abstract and can be applied to any industry, I believe that my dilemma is the same thing that strengthens my value. More importantly though, the reason why I am pursuing my MBA is to pursue my passions related to my career goals. As mentioned in a previous blog titled What are you passionate about, The reality of going to work for forty years and not being passionate about what you are doing is downright cheating yourself. So, you might as well do something that you are passionate about, right?

Taking that first step can be daunting because of the unknown, but it can also be fulfilling and inspirational to others around. Being a career learner keeps me engaged and wanting to know more about various things. As an entrepreneur and coach, this attribute along with a growth mindset, pays dividends in becoming inspired and coming up with new ideas. It also leaves an unquenched thirst to achieve more which can be a negative at times. In my younger years, the competitiveness led me to be unsatisfied with what I had because I would be searching for more. I wasn’t living in the moment or enjoying the great relationships and achievements I was lucky to be part of. Lesson learned!

As I look ahead and think about the hard work that I have put in, there is a sense of growth that I achieved, becoming a more calm and aware person with a different outlook on life. I don’t look ahead worried about being successful and gaining wealth, I look ahead to share the experiences and cherish the moments that I am in while being grateful for being able to do what I am passionate about with the people that I cherish. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, as it is a topic that is close to my heart. Please do a solid and post something that you are grateful for.

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2 thoughts on “Career Change, Insightful Growth

    1. orrypounders Post author

      Thank you Harm. Its been quite the ride and it has only begun! As long as we continue to work on ourselves understanding that we will always have much to learn, all aspects of our life can improve

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